Meet the Players of The Experiment

Ana-Maurine Lara (Co-Writer)

kt shorb (Co-Writer/Director/Producing Artistic Director) has trained in Suzuki Actor Training and Viewpoints with the SITI Company and Zen Zen Zo. Directing credits include: Dice (FronteraFest 2012 “Best of Fest”), Stuck on Gee-Dot, and by a quiet sea. Full-versions and excerpts of her solo performance, Una Corda, have been presented nationally at theatre festivals, colleges, and community organizations.

Kimberly Alidio (Dramaturg) Blessed to dramaturg. Adjunct teacher & historian. Run a poetry salon in ATX. Recent poems as Fact-Simile Editions broadside & in Horse Less Press Review, ESQUE, Bone Bouquet, etc. Essays in American Quarterly & Social Text. University of Michigan Ph.D, Zora Neale Hurston Scholar, VONA Fellow, Pushcart Prize nominee.

Grandma "Joshua" Baker (Set Designer) Joshua is very excited to be working on this project. The whole aesthetic appeals to that geek in his heart and the queer in his head. He is especially proud to be co-designing with the very talented Mr. Stover and would like to wish the viewers a long life, but hopefully not too long.

Margaux Binder (Stage Manager)

Paige Binder (Lighting Designer) Mr. Binder has been fortunate enough to do lighting design in Austin routinely with The Weird Sisters and Generic Ensemble Company, most recently in A Midsummer Night's Dream and Una Corda, respectively.  She would like to thank to all the amazing folks who brought their talents and creative energies to this play. 

Kimberly Caterino (Dancer) Full-blown Sagittarian with Cancer moon, pseudo-Impressionistic painter, faker of West African dance and part-time radio geek, former educator... current screengazer, earth lover with too many degrees. Believer of love like Dolly. Inventor of “find the beauty” – an approach to life. Thanks to Tonya Pennie and The Experiment’s cast and crew for the invitation to be a writhing, undulating Other! Thanks to all my teachers, inspirations, and fellow artists who make me come alive.

Kirsche Dickson (Dancer)

Krysta Gonzales (Dolly) is an actor/dancer/performance artist/writer originally from El Paso and Dallas. She studied at The Experimental Theatre Wing while attending NYU’s Tisch School of Arts and is currently an active member in the Vortex Repertory Company (FIRE, AIR, Planet of the Mermaids, Vampyress, Sleeping Beauty) and the Generic Ensemble Company (Before This Was Texas I, Before This Was Texas II). She has also performed with the Royal Pretenders, Baharat Belly Dance Ensemble and DiamondGirls Model Management. Krysta maintains a blog about Love and other flavors in Austin, as well as a blog documenting the intricacies of a binational long distance same-sex partnership. Amor e graças à minha Bia. And thanks & love to my collaborators (in art projects and life projects): my friends and family onstage, in the audience, and in another city, state, or country.

Kaitlyn Jolly (Dancer) is a life long student of dance and movement from Boston, Massachusetts. She started training Capoeira Angola and Samba in 2001 and has traveled throughout the US, Brazil and Colombia studying, dancing and exploring these rich art forms. Currently residing in Austin, she is thrilled to be involved in the dance community here and part of "The Experiment."
Smalls McCoy (Dora) is a burlesque performer who studied theatre and dance at Yale University. She is extremely excited to be a part of this show because it combines her love of performance with her passion for gender/sexuality studies and anthropology. Smalls sends much love and gratitude to her cast-and-crewmates who have been an abundant source of joy and inspiration.

Tonya Pennie (Choreographer) has studied and performed with many respected teachers/choreographers in dance and music of the African Diaspora, Kalaripayat, and Bharata Natyam. She has performed with Maara Dance Theatre, Lannaya West African Drum and Dance Ensemble, Ballet Africans de Guinee Morifidian Diabate, and toured nationally with Kuumba House Dance Theatre.

Saray de Jesus Rosales (Lucy)

Ethan Stover (Set Designer)